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Unitronics Distributor

Western PA, Eastern OH, and West Virginia

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Unitronics Distributor - Western PA, Eastern OH, and West Virginia


Unitronics is a global company, a designer, developer, producer & marketer of Programmable logic Controllers (PLCs) the computer brains that automate mass production lines. Their mission is to make automation simple, efficient, & cost-effective. Unitronics' vision is to leverage automation technology with cutting-edge communication technology.

Since 1989, Unitronics has introduced devices intended to span the divide between industry & communications technology. Their OPLC controller series enable bi-directional, man-machine communication through a simple user interface.

Unitronics is justly proud of their fine R&D department, the people that keep them at the sharp, cutting edge of technical research and development. Unitronics markets its products through a global distribution network, comprising more than 140 distributors in Europe, South America, Asia, & South Africa.

Unitronics products run production lines in the plants of companies such as: Coca Cola, Danone, Elf Lub N.V., Campina Melkuni Mona, Agfa, Colgate-Palmolive, Quaker Oats, Israel Aircraft Industries, Farm Frittes, Heinz, the Klooftmine Gold Mines, Nestle and more.

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