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Parker - Interactx

Interactx by Parker

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Version 3.0

Information Anywhere! InteractX 3.0 leverages your investment in machine level HMIís to make development of Supervisory applications faster and easier.

InteractX 3.0 can connect directly to Interact Xpress screens and data, allowing you to re-use your machine level application elements at the Supervisory level. This can save up to 80% of Supervisory application development time.

*Now includes Historical Trending with unlimited Pens

*Faster and Easier to Development than any other SCADA package

*Life-like Graphic Capability

*ActiveX Third Party Tool Support

*Advanced Multi-Language Support

*Easy E-Sig tools simplify compliance with FDA Regulations

*Recipe Management including Nested List capability

*Advanced Communications

*Includes 60+ communication drivers at no extra charge

*OPC Client Interface

*OPC Tag Server

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About Parker

Parker Distributor - Western PA, Eastern OH, and West Virginia

Parker offers a wide range of motion control systems to meet any application need. Designed for easy configuration to make a complete motion system - from miniature precision for life sciences to overhead gantries for the factory floor -these best-of-breed individual components are available separately, or as a complete motion system to make integration simple, fast, and easy. High-quality products delivered when you want them!